kelly brey love ph.d.

kelly brey love ph.d. is a licensed psychologist, and is the owner of mind.body.balance. she has trained at unl, harvard medical school, and baylor college of medicine, and has worked in outpatient and inpatient settings across the united states.  before venturing into private practice, and subsequently into mind.body.balance., she worked for many years as the director of behavioral health at a residency program. teaching is in her blood, as she has also worked as an adjunct professor at both the university of nebraska-lincoln and nebraska wesleyan university.


integrative medicine has been a personal and professional area of interest for dr. love for many years, as she holds advanced certifications in the areas of mindfulness and meditation and thoroughly enjoys collaboration with different practitioners.  when not doing the psychologist thing, she is usually found doing the mom thing. she enjoys spending time with her family, and her french bulldog puppy louie maximus love,  joining the office as soon as he passes his therapy certification! when she gets quiet time, she loves practicing yoga and meditation. 


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