joseph "joe" wollen

joe has studied qigong, taijiquan & eastern philosophy and religion since 2001 when he began his own interest in the asian healing arts. joe began his search in lincoln, ne where he met his very first taijiquan & qigong teacher william kingery. joe became an “indoor student” of bill kingery’s learning about tai chi, qigong and internal martial arts studying weekly at bill’s own home for nearly 4 years. it was about this time that joe found out that he could learn to do chinese medicine in colorado and without hesitation he moved to colorado the following year and began his 4 year master of sciences program in traditional chinese medicine at the colorado school of traditional chinese medicine (CSTCM).

at CSTCM joe was on honor roll, worked on promoting chinese medicine at the dragon boat festival held yearly at sloan lake, was co-founder of the internal arts club and worked with much of the faculty being a student liaison for his class. even during his master’s program joe sought more knowledge and started doing a student apprenticeship with the late ron “doc” rosen.

joe started training with “doc” in his second year of school and would spend everyday at “doc’s” asian medicine clinic learning classical chinese medicine. “doc” was the very first licensed acupuncturist in the state of colorado, studied chinese medicine for 53 years and developed GUAMAP and the street medics. joe learned much from his time with “doc” until his untimely passing in summer of 2007.

despite school and apprenticeship, joe kept up his martial arts studies, studying shen tao taijiquan, ghost bat style kung fu and loung mo xing yi quan with master craig carpenter of the imperial wu tang temple. though joe still maintained his desire to heal and quickly started studying tien tao meditation system, kundalini work, energy healing and native american shamanism with master craig carpenter. after studying with master carpenter since 2005 with years of diligent work, seminars and personal instruction joe has been promoted to guide status within tien tao allowing him, to be one of the only ones teaching some of this ancient meditation healing system.

once joe graduated he still chose to go right back into another apprenticeship learning japanese style acupuncture with jeffrey dann ph.d. where he apprenticed for another year. during this time joe was also accepted back to CSTCM where he was head instructor for tui na (chinese massage) and an assistant to senior faculty members, as well as assistant supervisor in student clinic.

joe constantly seeks to improve his own knowledge and healing abilities, to this end he currently trains in chen style taijiquan, qigong and continues to work towards master healer status with tien tao. joe travels all over the u.s. to bring these arts back to lincoln, ne. he currently travels back to colorado to train with master craig carpenter 2-3 x per year. he also trained in chen style taijiquan teacher training program offered by sifu cheng jin cai in houston, tx until cheng shifu’s untimely passing in november of 2016.

joe is presently training in sun family nei jia quan (internal martial arts) of xing yi quan, bagua zhang and taijiquan with bradford tyrey of oklahoma. joe drives down monthly for weekend training with bradford, assists him in publishing his books on the sun family and more. 

joe is also a taoist adept training under taoist abbot lao zhi chang of four dragons institute. 


joe’s main areas of study are;

-taoist studies

-chen style taijiquan and qigong; chinese tui na

-sun family nei jia chuan; internal arts of xing yi quan, bagua zhang and taijiquan

-chinese classics; zhen jiu da cheng, bin hu mai xue, nan ching, nei jing, ling shu, tao te ching, i ching, chuang tzu

-editing chinese translated texts

we are beyond thrilled to welcome joe to our integrative office! 

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